Easter Vlogs!

Bishop Mike and I have decided to resume our video blogging, hopefully on a weekly basis. So in the weeks of the Easter season we will reflect on the presence of the Risen Christ.


Eighth Day Reflections

Yesterday we completed the walk from Stowmarket to Drinkstone. Here are some thoughts.

Third day reflections

Walking from Bruisyard to Cransford, across muddy fields guided by Patrick around the winter wheat.  Then after seeing the church with Patrick, on to Shawsgate Vineyard and a brilliant exposition from owner Les of the need for broad knowledge, adaptability and enterprise – but at the heart of it, a real love for what you do. On then to Framlingham Castle where Kirstie is the Property Manager and responsible for a major refurbishment programme. She used to be in catering at Audley End House, which she loved and she loves this too – a great example of Les’ principle.

St Peter’s Cransford, then the Shawsgate Winery (Les in the middle) and Framlingham Castle.